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Evaluation and Selection Plan


The objective in evaluating and scoring corporate background and experience is to verify that the bidder has a proven track record of providing the desired services in a satisfactory manner.  The bidder must provide three (3) corporate reference contacts for engagements within the past five (5) years. These must be engagements in which the bidder was awarded a contract to implement and maintain a system with functionality that is similar in size and scope to the requirements of this project.  

The Evaluation Team reviews and contacts at least two (2) corporate references using the criteria described in Appendix XX. The team conducts corporate reference checks during normal business hours (Monday through Friday, 8am to 5pm, PT) during the dates identified in RFP’s Key Action Dates.

The Evaluation Team conducts the corporate reference checks using the Reference Contact Forms completed by the bidders and the Reference Check Questionnaire. Two evaluators jointly conduct each reference check using a speakerphone. The evaluators must tell the reference contact they are using a speakerphone. One evaluator asks the reference contact the defined questions while the other evaluator takes notes.

If the contact cannot be reached, the evaluators leave a message or try to arrange a specific time for follow-up. The evaluators make three (3) attempts to contact the reference contact. If the third attempt is unsuccessful, a note is made on the Reference Check Form and no further attempts are made. If the contact person is not available or has left the company, the evaluators attempt to contact the reference contacts’ replacement or manager.

If none of the reference contacts can be reached after three (3) attempts or if a negative response is received from customer, the reference check may be deemed non-responsive.

Once the corporate reference checks are completed, the Procurement Official reviews the results. If any of the requirements were failed, the bidder is deemed non-responsive and is precluded from further participation in the procurement. The Procurement Official notifies all bidders of the results of the review and retains the appropriate documentation in the procurement files.

6. Draft Proposal Evaluation Process

The Draft Proposal Evaluation Process begins with the receipt of draft proposals from the bidders and concludes after the appropriate confidential discussion agendas have been sent to each bidder. The following paragraphs outline the steps involved in the Draft Proposal Evaluation Process

6.1 Receive and Log Proposal Submissions

Discuss the specific steps used to receive and log proposals from bidders. This section should be fairly standard. Indicate what happens if the proposal is late or incomplete.

Discuss what happens if no proposals are received.

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