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Evaluation and Selection Plan


The second phase of the evaluation training is specific to the draft proposal evaluation process. The purpose is to review the specific requirements of the evaluation areas (i.e., Administrative Requirements, Statement of Work Requirements, Project Management Requirements, Technical Requirements, etc.) and to train the evaluators on the draft proposal evaluation process, using the evaluation forms, and the evaluators’ specific responsibilities during the draft proposal evaluation process.

The draft proposal training provides evaluators with the context and process for identifying areas of deficiencies and points of clarification, which will be discussed with the individual bidders. It is essential that evaluators share a basic knowledge of the goals and objectives of the review process relative to the overall evaluation process.

The draft bid evaluation training is provided to the Evaluation Team during the first day of draft proposal evaluations. The training is conducted by the Project Procurement Manager with assistance from the Procurement Official and covers the following topics.

Conflict of Interest and Confidentiality Reminder

Proposal Storage and Review Procedures

Overview of the Evaluation Process

Objective of the Draft Proposal Evaluation

Approach to the Draft Proposal Evaluation

Deviations and Deficiencies Process

Clarifications Process

Use of the Evaluation Forms

Schedule of the Evaluation Process

Evaluator Responsibilities

To ensure a consistent understanding of the scoring process and criteria, several exercises and examples are provided and discussed.

6.4 Review Draft Proposals

During draft proposal reviews, the emphasis is on identification of errors or discrepancies which would cause disqualification if contained in the final proposals. The proposals are also reviewed to ensure the bidders have correctly interpreted and understood the project’s needs.

No scoring is performed during draft evaluations. The possible exception is scoring of reference checks. In some cases, reference checks are only performed during final evaluations; in other cases, they are performed during drafts and during final evaluations only new references would be verified.

Discuss how draft proposal reviews are conducted and who leads and manages the efforts. Indicate who performs assignments, if sub-teams are utilized, the procedures for review, and

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