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Evaluation and Selection Plan


key criteria used to review the proposals.  Summarize how issues, concerns and questions with the proposals are documented, discussed and resolved. Indicate who coordinates the resolution of questions, and how additional advisors or subject matter experts are utilized when appropriate.

Indicate if reference checks of proposed staff are performed and the procedures and criteria for review.

Indicate or reference the specific forms and worksheets used during the review, who collects these materials, and how they are used. Describe any reviews and meetings which occur during the review process.

The Project Procurement Manager makes assignments for the review. Members of the Evaluation Team individually review each proposal one at a time. Each evaluator is charged with conducting an in-depth evaluation of the assigned proposal.  Evaluators may be asked to read the entire proposal or only a portion of a proposal, based on their expertise. Each proposal is reviewed by at least two evaluators.

For the draft proposal evaluations, the evaluators review the proposal response against the requirements as stated in the RFP, and attempt to determine if the response addresses the requirements. Evaluators identify areas of the proposal that are unclear or do not meet the requirements as stated in the RFP and document the items on the Evaluation Form. The criteria for review are described in Section 11.

The draft proposals particularly are reviewed for:

Compliance with all Administrative, Statement of Work, Project Management, and Technical requirements

Any “qualifiers”, assumptions or conditions placed on the proposal; conditional proposals are not acceptable and may be deemed non-responsive

Areas where a proposal appears to be non-responsive, defective, or requires additional clarification

Draft proposals are not scored. The focus of the draft review is to ensure the proposal meets all requirements and to identify errors or inconsistencies that, if contained in the final proposal, may cause the proposal to be rejected or disqualified. The scoring worksheets may be used during the draft proposal review as a tool to facilitate the evaluation of responses, but responses are not be scored.

The Procurement Official and Legal staff review proposal Section xx, Contract, to determine if there are any concerns or deviations that are unacceptable to the state. The Procurement Official also reviews any preference criteria (e.g., DVBE, small business, etc.) documentation to ensure it complies with the RFP requirements and DGS regulations. Any concerns are noted and documented on the Evaluation Form.

6.5 Develop Confidential Discussion Agenda

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