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Evaluation and Selection Plan


Discuss how the issues, concerns and problems encountered during the draft proposal review are consolidated to develop a confidential discussion agenda. Discuss who organizes the meetings and develops the agendas.

Discuss how advisors and subject matter experts are utilized, when appropriate, and what happens if the evaluators determine there are common or recurring problems through all the proposals.

Discuss what happens if no proposals are received or if only one proposal is received.

Indicate if the confidential discussion agendas need to be reviewed by Legal or management prior to their being distributed to the bidders. Indicate how the agendas are transmitted to bidders and how the confidential discussion meetings are scheduled.

Describe the activities that are performed to complete the draft proposal evaluation process, including reporting progress to stakeholders, collecting and filing appropriate paperwork, adjusting the evaluation schedule, conducting lessons learned sessions, and issuing any addenda to the RFP.  

Once the Evaluation Team has completed their evaluations of a bidder’s proposal, the Project Procurement Manager compiles the evaluators’ comments from the Evaluation Forms. The Procurement Manager arranges a meeting to clarify and resolve questions and comments. The Procurement Official facilitates a team review of the combined Evaluation Forms, including any issues raised, and develops, through consensus, a list of topics for the confidential discussions with the bidder.  If necessary, the Evaluation Team may seek additional information from the evaluation advisors (e.g., DGS, Legal, etc.) or other subject matter experts.

After the team completes the list of topics for the confidential discussions, the Project Procurement Manager assigns the next proposal for review and the evaluation process continues until all draft proposal submissions have been reviewed.  

After all proposal submissions have been reviewed, the Procurement Official uses the list of topics to develop the agenda for the confidential discussions. The Official sends the list of confidential discussion topics from the draft review to the appropriate bidders and schedules a meeting for confidential discussions with each bidder.

7. Conduct Confidential Discussions

Describe how confidential discussions are conducted. Indicate who leads the discussion, who attends the discussion, what the sign-in procedures are and who takes minutes or notes (if anyone). Generally, the Procurement Official must be present and often Legal may be present as well.

Discuss any training for the evaluation team, or pre-meeting instructions to clarify conduct. Indicate if the bidders are allowed to conduct presentations and how much time is allocated for each discussion.

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