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Evaluation and Selection Plan


Project Procurement Manager conduct the evaluation preparations as discussed in Section 4.2. The following paragraphs outline the steps involved in the final Proposal Evaluation Process.

8.1 Receive and Log Proposal Submissions

Discuss the specific steps used to receive and log proposals from bidders. This section should be fairly standard. Indicate what happens if the proposal is late or incomplete.

Discuss what happens if no proposals are received.

As with prior submissions, the final proposal must be received by the date and time indicated in the RFP’s Key Action Dates.  Each participating bidder has the responsibility of providing the appropriate number of copies of their entire proposal.  The complete final proposal submissions must be delivered to the Procurement Official. Failure to meet this requirement results in automatic disqualification of the bidder.  

Upon receipt, the Official immediately date and time stamps the proposal and assigns a unique identification number to assist with tracking the proposal copies and materials. The Official verifies each proposal submission has been properly sealed and contains the appropriate number of copies. Delivered proposals must be in the quantity and format specified in RFP Section VIII, Bid Format. All proposals are placed in secured storage upon receipt.

The Cost proposal must be submitted sealed under a separate cover.  Cost proposals are stored by the Procurement Official and are not opened until the rest of the evaluation and scoring has been completed.

After all proposals have been received, the Procurement Official removes the Master Copy of each proposal submission for retention by DGS. The remaining copies of the proposals are delivered to the Project Procurement Manager for storage at the evaluation site.

Revisions to the final proposals are not allowed after the final proposal due date specified in the RFP’s Key Action Dates. Any revisions received prior to the due date are processed in accordance with the guidelines in the RFP.

8.2 Review Proposals for Submission Requirements

Discuss who verifies the proposals meet the submission requirements and how.  Indicate or reference the specific criteria used to evaluate the submission requirements. Submission requirements are generally not scored.

Indicate what happens if any of the submission requirements are failed. If a proposal is disqualified, indicate when and how the bidder is notified, who performs the notification, and what paperwork is retained or sent to the bidder.

After all final proposals have been received, the Procurement Official reviews the submissions to ensure each of the proposals meets the submission requirements as stated in RFP. These requirements are evaluated as described in Appendix XX. This portion of the evaluation only reviews the proposals to ensure compliance with

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