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Evaluation and Selection Plan


submission requirements. No judgment is made on the quality of the content.

If any of the proposals fail the submission requirements, the proposal submission is deemed non-responsive and may be precluded from further evaluation.

8.3 Conduct Final Evaluation Training

Discuss how final proposal evaluation training is conducted, who leads the training, who attends the training, and what topics are covered. Training for final proposal evaluations should be shortly before the final proposals evaluations are conducted, even as late as the first day of evaluations. The training should be used to remind evaluators of the procedures, objectives and conduct of the review. Conflict of interest and confidentiality should again be stressed as well as secure storage of the materials and not making any marks on the actual proposals.

The training should include several examples and exercises to ensure evaluators have a common understanding of how to handle different types of scenarios and to reinforce the approach to the final evaluation review.

The final phase of the evaluation training is specific to the final proposal evaluation process and selection of a bidder. The purpose is to review the evaluation process, requirements, and selection criteria, and to train the evaluators on the use of the scoring tools, how scores are used to select a winning bidder, and the evaluators’ specific responsibilities during the evaluation process.

The final proposal evaluation training is provided to the Evaluation Team during the first day of final proposal evaluations. The training is conducted by the Project Procurement Manager with assistance from the Procurement Official and covers the following topics.

Conflict of Interest and Confidentiality Reminder

Proposal Storage and Review Procedures

Overview of the Evaluation Process

Objective of the Final Proposal Evaluation

Approach to the Final Proposal Evaluation

Deviations and Deficiencies Process

Scoring Process

Review of RFP Requirements

Review of Evaluation Criteria

Use of the Evaluation Forms and Scoring Worksheets

Schedule of the Evaluation Process

Evaluator Responsibilities

To ensure a consistent understanding of the scoring process and criteria, several exercises and examples are provided and discussed.

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