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Evaluation and Selection Plan


Each possible material deficiency is documented on the Evaluation Form that is provided to the Project Procurement Manager at the end of the review. The Project Procurement Manager is responsible for tracking any possible material deficiencies for discussion with the entire Evaluation Team.

The first part of the review determines if the proposal meets all requirements and is free of material deviations. If a proposal is determined to meet all RFP requirements, the second portion of the review focuses on the evaluation of the scorable requirements. The scoring worksheets are used to establish a score for the various areas of the proposal and make notes of areas of concern. The focus of the scoring review is on how well the proposal addresses the requirement, the users’ needs, ease of operation, and maintainability of the system. The scoring sheets are used in the later discussion meetings to establish a raw score.

Administrative, Statement of Work and Project Management Requirements

The Administrative, Statement of Work, and Project Management requirements are mandatory requirements and are evaluated on a pass-fail basis. If the response to any of these requirements is found to be lacking or incomplete, the proposal may be deemed non-responsive which may preclude the proposal from further evaluation. If a proposal is deemed non-responsive and precluded from further evaluation, all bidders’ proposals deemed non-responsive for the same reason(s) are precluded from further evaluation.

Staffing/Staff Resume Requirements

One of the key areas to discuss is verification of staff resumes. It is important to note any former or current state staff who may be proposed by a bidder. There are certain restrictions on state staff which must be observed; refer to Public Contract Code Sections 10410-10412 for more information ( http://www.leginfo.ca.gov/cgi-bin/calawquery?codesection=pcc&codebody=&hits=20 ).  

In addition, it is important to determine how resumes will be evaluated and scored for adherence to requirements and years of experience. The following situations should be considered and should be used in training materials.

A person is working multiple projects concurrently and claiming experience for more than one of those projects (can a person claim experience time for both projects, or is experience counted strictly as calendar time?).

A person ends one project and starts another in the middle of the month or in the same month (which project is accrued credit for the month, are partial months counted?).

A person’s description of the activities do not seem to match the job title or RFP experience requirements (what takes precedence: the title or the responsibilities).

A person is being proposed for multiple roles on the project (how are points assigned for scoring?).

A person is being proposed as only part-time for a key position.

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