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Evaluation and Selection Plan


Multiple persons are being proposed for a position, the persons are  both part-time and one does not meet the experience requirements.

Discuss what happens if a resume is determined to be non-compliant for key staff positions and non-key staff positions. Indicate if resumes are scored or simply pass-fail.

Indicate if resumes for subcontractors are required (generally if a subcontractor is providing a certain percentage of the work). Indicate what happens if the subcontractor resumes are non-compliant.

The objective in evaluating staff resumes is to validate the staff members proposed by the bidder have the required experience and qualifications necessary to meet the needs of the project. The Evaluation Team reviews the resumes against the required qualifications contained in the RFP and scores the resume based on the defined criteria. Information contained in the resume may be verified through reference checks. The bidder is required to submit current resumes for proposed staff members for the project.

Each resume is first checked to ensure all mandatory requirements have been met. After it is determined the resume is compliant with the RFP requirements, the resumes for key staff are scored. No points are awarded for meeting the mandatory requirements. Points are only awarded for the desirable qualifications and experience.

If the primary bidder intends to utilize a subcontractor for 20% or more of the total cost of the contract, each subcontractor key staff member must submit resumes for their staff and complete three (3) references for each staff member. Reference contacts cannot be individuals currently working for the prime bidder whom the subcontractor would support for this bid.

Project Management Plans Requirements

Indicate how the project management plans will be evaluated and indicate or reference the specific criteria to be used to evaluate the plans. Indicate the purpose of evaluating the plans and how they will be scored.

The objective in evaluating and scoring the project management plan is to validate that the bidder has a comprehensive, detailed, well-organized project management approach specific to the project’s needs that is capable of guiding the project through all project phases.

The RFP requires that the bidder submit a Project Management Plan describing their proposed approach to managing the project. In addition, a xxx plan and xxx plan are required. The plans are scored using the scoring worksheets in Appendix XX. These scoring worksheets are organized into four different components, each containing a list of subcomponents and considerations relevant to the specific plan.

The evaluators review the proposed Project Management Plan to determine how well the bidder has addressed each component, and award points on a scale of zero to four.  To assist the evaluators in making their determinations, each subcomponent in the scoring sheets is followed by a list of relevant considerations.

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