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Office of Systems Integration

Evaluation and Selection Plan


Technical Requirements

Discuss how the technical requirements will be evaluated and indicate or reference the specific criteria to be used.

In some cases, data center staff may need to assist with evaluation of a technical solution to ensure compatibility with existing data center infrastructure and services. Indicate how data center staff are involved and the focus of their review.

The bidders’ responses to each of the technical requirements of the RFP are evaluated to ensure the bidder has agreed to the requirement. When a requirement calls for a description of the bidder’s approach to a requirement, the proposal is verified to determine a response has been provided. The description of the approach is scored according to the criteria in the scoring worksheets (refer to Appendix XX). If the response to any of these requirements is found to be lacking or incomplete, the proposal may be deemed non-responsive and preclude the proposal from further evaluation.

8.4.2 Conduct Reference Checks

Discuss how proposed staff reference checks are performed. The focus in this section is on the process. Information on scoring references (if they are scored) should be placed in Section 11 of the template.

Indicate who performs the reference checks and how. Indicate how many references will be checked and what happens if the evaluator(s) cannot reach the reference (and if this impacts any scores). Indicate or reference the specific questions and criteria used to evaluate the references and any worksheets or forms used to record responses and evaluate the response.

Discuss minimum and maximum number of references to be checked, minimum number of attempts to contact a reference, and estimated amount of time dedicated to checking references (e.g., three business days, one week, etc.). Discuss what happens if a contact is no longer with the company, is on vacation, or declines to respond to the questions.

Describe what happens after reference checks are performed, and what happens if a negative reference check is received or if no references for a proposed staff member can be reached. Is the staff member rejected? Is the staff member given a low score or no score?

Indicate if subcontractor references are checked and scored (from a process perspective).

The Evaluation Team reviews and contacts at least three (3) references for each key staff member identified by the bidders. References must be for projects within the past five (5) years. At least one (1) of the reference projects must be of a similar size and scope to this project. The team conducts reference checks during normal business hours (Monday through Friday, 8am to 5pm, PT) during the dates identified in RFP’s Key Action Dates.

If the reference check was performed during draft proposal review, the work is not repeated at the Final Proposal unless new information is provided or the proposed Key Staff have changed.  

The Evaluation Team conducts reference checks using the Reference Contact Forms completed by the bidders and the Reference Check Questionnaire. Two

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