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Evaluation and Selection Plan


evaluators jointly conduct each reference check using a speakerphone. One evaluator asks the reference contact the defined questions, while the other evaluator takes notes.

The evaluators may send a copy of the Reference Check Form, along with a letter of explanation, to each reference prior to the interview.  The reference is asked to fill out or confirm the Reference Check Form and either mail or fax their response back to the Evaluation Team.  The telephone interview is used as follow up, to gather clarifying information, if necessary, or to go through the questions if the reference did not fill it out and return it.

If the contact cannot be reached, the evaluators leave a message or try to arrange a specific time for follow-up. The evaluators make three (3) attempts to contact the reference contact. If the third attempt is unsuccessful, a note is made on the Reference Check Form and no further attempts are made. If the contact person is not available or has left the company, the evaluators attempt to contact the reference contacts’ replacement or manager.

Reference checks are conducted for proposed members of the project team. A Reference Check Form specific to the requirements of each position is used to determine whether or not the mandatory requirements have been met. The Reference Check Forms are composed primarily of closed-ended questions requiring yes/no or multiple-choice answers.  This format was chosen in order to maximize the objectivity of the reference validation. The forms also include a blank area after each question for the reference or the interviewer to note any comments that may be provided voluntarily by the reference.

If none of the reference contacts can be reached after three (3) attempts or if a negative response is received from customer, the reference check receives a lower score.

Subcontractor References

If the primary bidder intends to utilize a subcontractor for 20% or more of the total cost of the contract, each subcontractor must complete three (3) company references. Reference contacts cannot be individuals currently working for the primary bidder whom the subcontractor would support for this bid.

8.5 Discussion Meetings

Discuss how the results of the evaluators/sub-teams are reviewed and discussed. Indicate how possible deficiencies are documented, reviewed and validated. Discuss what happens if a bidder is determined to be non-compliant with the requirements. Indicate what happens if none of the proposals are compliant with the requirements or if only one of the proposals is compliant.

Discuss what paperwork and worksheets are used to document the results of the proposal reviews. Indicate if scoring is done now or after the oral interviews/presentations.

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