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Evaluation and Selection Plan


Describe the activities that are performed to complete the proposal review process, including reporting progress to stakeholders, collecting and filing appropriate paperwork, adjusting the evaluation schedule, conducting lessons learned sessions, and preparing for scoring.

For each proposal, discussion meetings are convened to review the results.  The objective of these meetings is the sharing of information and preliminary results to assure that each evaluator has a consistent understanding of the criteria item being scored and has thoroughly examined the material presented in the proposal.  If individual evaluators have questions or issues resulting from their evaluations or if some individual reviews seem aberrant, these meetings are the opportunity for discussion and clarification.  

After the review of each proposal is complete, the Procurement Official convenes a meeting to discuss the proposal comments and the Evaluation Forms. The Evaluation Team is responsible for determining, through group consensus, whether a material deficiency exists. The Evaluation Team may request legal support from DGS Legal and/or OSI Legal in evaluating possible material deficiencies. Final proposals that contain material deviations are disqualified and are not given further consideration. If a proposal is deemed non-responsive and precluded from further evaluation, all bidders’ proposals deemed non-responsive for the same reason(s) are precluded from further evaluation.

8.6 Conduct Oral Interviews

Indicate if oral interviews of proposed staff or key staff will be conducted. If interviews will not be conducted, indicate in this section the rationale for omitting the interviews.

Describe the process for conducting interviews, who schedules the interviews, who facilitates the interviews and the questions or agenda for the interviews. If appropriate, indicate how the interview questions are developed based on the review of the final proposal and staff resumes.

Indicate if any minutes or notes are taken and, if interviews are scored, how they are scored.

The intent of the oral interviews is to validate the information provided by the bidder in its final proposal. Oral interviews of key staff may be used to confirm staff experience and qualifications, and to obtain more information regarding a bidder’s proposed solution. The Procurement Official is responsible for scheduling the oral interviews with the bidders. The Project Procurement Manager is responsible for securing appropriate meeting facilities.

The Evaluation Team develops the question set for each bidder prior to the interview, based on the results of the reference checks and proposal review. The questions asked of each bidder may differ depending on the information contained in the bidder’s proposal, but generally are in the following areas:

Bidder’s proposed technical approach

Bidder’s proposed project management approach, philosophy, and past practices

Specific experience of key personnel that demonstrates his/her qualifications

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