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Evaluation and Selection Plan


The Procurement Official facilitates the oral interviews with each bidder’s proposed key staff. Each bidder’s oral interview generally lasts two to three hours.

8.7 Observe Bidder Presentations and Demonstrations

Indicate if bidder presentations and/or demonstrations of existing systems or products will be conducted. If presentations or demonstrations are not conducted, indicate why not.

Describe the process for the bidder presentations/demonstrations. Indicate who facilitates these meetings, where they are held, who pays for travel (if appropriate), and the purpose of the meeting. Indicate who attends the presentation/demonstration and if any minutes or notes are taken.

If specific criteria are used to observe and score the presentation/demonstration, indicate or reference the criteria and indicate how scoring will be conducted.

8.8 Determine Raw Scores

Discuss who is involved in computing the raw scores and facilitating the scoring discussion. Discuss what happens in the event of a disagreement among evaluation team members.

Discuss how the final proposals, interviews and presentations/demonstrations are used to achieve a final raw score. Summarize the scoring approach, referring to Section 11 (of this template) for the detailed scoring methodology.

Indicate if a proposal must achieve a minimum score to be considered compliant, and what happens if a proposal does not meet this minimum.

Indicate or reference the required forms and worksheets which must be completed.

Describe the activities that are performed to complete the final proposal evaluation process, including reporting progress to stakeholders, collecting and filing appropriate paperwork, adjusting the evaluation schedule, conducting lessons learned sessions, and preparing for the cost opening.

After each proposal has been evaluated and found to be compliant with the mandatory requirements by the Evaluation Team, it is scored. The Evaluation Team utilizes the Evaluation Forms and the information obtained during the oral interviews to score the proposals.

A proposal achieves a satisfactory score, if it achieves at least 70% of the total possible mandatory scoreable points. Proposals receiving less than a satisfactory score are deemed non-responsive and rejected.

The Evaluation Team calculates a raw score for each area of the bidder’s proposal and sums the area totals using the Raw Score Worksheet to achieve the raw score. After completion of this step, the Evaluation Team submits the worksheets to the Procurement Official for inclusion in the procurement file. Refer to Section 11 for more information on the scoring criteria.

Upon completion of the scoring effort for all proposals, the Procurement Official confirms the date of the Public Cost Opening with all participating bidders and interested parties.

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