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Evaluation and Selection Plan


9. Final Cost Evaluation Process

9.1 Public Cost Opening

The Procurement Official usually facilitates the public cost opening. This section should be fairly standard.

After the raw scores have been determined for all of the final proposals, the Procurement Official conducts a public cost opening, according to the date in the RFP’s Key Action Dates.

At that time, the cost proposals from the final proposal submissions are opened and the costs are read. The raw score for each bidder also is publicly displayed at the cost proposal opening.  Final proposals containing material deviations are not eligible to have their pricing proposals opened. No questions or other presentations are made at the cost opening.

9.2 Evaluate Cost Proposals

Discuss how the cost proposals are validated and evaluated. At a minimum, mathematical checks must be performed to ensure all figures total and cross-check correctly. In addition, the team should consider if the costs proposed are compatible with the technical approach proposed by the bidder (e.g., if the bidder if proposing specific new hardware and software, those items should be included in the cost proposal, in most cases).  Discuss how these types of discrepancies (mathematical and/or missing technical components).

The proposed costs may be validated by the data center, by an independent reviewer (e.g., DOF, IV&V, and special consultant) and/or verified using industry tools for cost estimation.

Discuss how cost proposals will be scored. Refer to the appropriate forms and worksheets for the specific evaluation criteria and scoring instructions.  Discuss what happens if the costs are significantly higher than expected. Discuss what happens if none of the cost proposals are compliant with RFP requirements.

Indicate if any contract negotiations take place, and when in the process they take place.

After the public cost opening, the Evaluation Team convenes to evaluate the cost proposal. The team performs mathematical checks of all the cost sheets and verifies all required information has been provided. Team members carefully review the information provided to determine if the Bidder has presented the project costs in the format prescribed by the RFP requirements and is consistent with the project management and technical approaches described in the proposal. Scores are assigned based on the criteria defined in Section 11.

Pricing proposals that contain material deviations from the requirements of the RFP are disqualified and the final proposal is given no further consideration.  

Cost proposals are checked for mathematical accuracy and adjusted as appropriate at the state’s discretion. Cost points for each proposal is awarded on a relative basis, with the lowest total cost in each category being awarded the maximum points. Points are rounded to the nearest whole number.

The points are awarded using the following formula:

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