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Evaluation and Selection Plan


The final step in the evaluation process is preparation of the Evaluation and Selection Report.  The Procurement Official and Project Procurement Manager are responsible for preparing the Evaluation and Selection Report, which includes a brief description of the results of the evaluation and the recommendation for award.  The Evaluation and Selection Report is submitted to DGS and other stakeholders for review and approval. (Refer to Section 2.4 for a list of the approvers.)

10.2 Notice of Intent to Award

Discuss how the Notice of Intent to Award is issues, generally by DGS.

Discuss what happens during the protest period and what happens if a protest is filed. Discuss who coordinates the protest (generally DGS) and how the project is involved. Indicate what happens if the protest is determined to be with or without merit.

Indicate what happens when once the protest is resolved or if no protest is filed. Discuss how the contract is awarded. Describe the activities that are performed to complete the final selection process, including reporting progress to stakeholders, collecting and filing appropriate paperwork, and conducting lessons learned sessions.

DGS and other stakeholders review the Evaluation and Selection Report provided by the Evaluation Team to determine if the procurement guidelines were appropriately followed and if the selection meets the criteria specified for the evaluation. Upon completion of this review and resolution of any issues or questions, DGS issues a Notification of Intent to Award. The notice is sent to all bidders and publicly posted on the DGS website.

Bidders have five (5) working days in which to protest the contract award. A protest occurs when a bidder believes that his/her proposal should have been selected in accordance with the selection criteria in the solicitation document.

If a protest is filed, the Procurement Official is responsible for responding to and coordinating the resolution of the protest. If no protest is received within five working days, the contract is awarded to the selected bidder. The Procurement Official facilitates the final approval and signatures for the contract.

11. Scoring Methodology Summary

Summarize the point values and scoring methodology for the various proposal sections, including when scores are weighted or averaged (such as for reference checks), how cost points are assigned, and the final cost/raw score weighted percentages. Indicate which (if any) preference criteria apply or if any preference criteria are mandatory. Detailed criteria should be included in appendices.

Discuss how mandatory, pass-fail requirements are handled and if they are scored. Discuss the score ratings and what the values mean (i.e., include any clarifications or changes to Table 3).

Discuss how the proposal areas are weighted and if there are minimum scores in the areas to be considered passing.

The following is an example of scoring for the reference check section.

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