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Evaluation and Selection Plan

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Appendix C : Reference Check Form and Questions

List and/or include the forms and questionnaire(s) to be used for checking corporate and individual references. These forms should indicate the criteria to be used to reference checking and the process for their use. A sample telephone script may be included to help ensure uniformity of process.

Provide clear instructions to the evaluators and be sure to train the evaluators on the use of the forms. Describe how to handle the cases where the contact cannot be reached (due to sickness or vacation), the contact no longer works for the company, when no one remaining at the company has worked with the bidder, and when the contact declines to answer the questions.

Indicate if the forms are to be completed by the reference contact prior to the reference check interview, if the forms are to be completed by the contact and submitted with the bidder’s proposal, or if the questions are merely asked over the telephone.

If appropriate, indicate the scoring criteria and scoring instructions.

Indicate the location and/or iManage number of the forms. Indicate who receives the completed forms, and which forms are considered working papers vs. official procurement records.

This questionnaire is to be used as a guideline to capture information.  

When the Score column is blank, rate the evaluation category using the following scale. Comments must be included from interviewee when very good, poor or unknown/not applicable scores are recorded.

0 – unknown or not applicable; provide comment explaining why

1 – poor; provide comment explaining why

2 – acceptable

3 – good

4 – very good; provide comment explaining why.

When a "Y" (Yes), "N" (No) or "N/A" (Non-Applicable) appears in the Score column circle the appropriate response and provide a supporting comment, if applicable.

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