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Evaluation and Selection Plan

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Appendix D : Scoring Worksheets

List and/or include the forms and worksheets to be used to score the proposals. These forms should include the specific criteria and how to tally points to achieve a raw score for the component and/or area.

Provide clear instructions to the evaluators, even though the Procurement Official and Project Procurement Manager will lead the scoring. Indicate if minimum scores must be met to be considered compliant. Indicate what happens if some or all of the criteria are not met.

Indicate the location and/or iManage number of the forms and worksheets. Indicate who receives the completed forms, and which forms are considered working papers vs. official procurement records. Where appropriate, indicate if the evaluation team must sign or initial the completed forms for the procurement file.

The following are some sample forms and worksheets from prior procurements.

Corporate Financial Requirements

The following are the corporate financial requirements. These mandatory requirements will be evaluated on a pass-fail basis. Letters of Intent that do not meet ALL of these mandatory requirements must be rejected.

Table 7. Corporate Financial Requirements

RFP Reference

Corporate Financial Requirements



Has the bidder provided financial information for the immediately preceding three (3) years?

Have the bidder supplied either:

-Audited financial statements certified by an independent CPA?

-Bidder’s most recent Form 10-K statement?

-If the form 10-K is more than nine (9) months old, has the company president or Chief Financial Officer certified the 10-K statement as being accurate?

-Vendor tax returns for the immediately preceding three (3) years?

-Other documentation that is acceptable to the state?

Has the bidder provided a signed letter indicating there is no current or pending litigation against the company, or listed the specific pending litigation cases?

Has the bidder provided the completed Corporate Reference and Experience Matrix?

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