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Evaluation and Selection Plan


Confidentiality is paramount to the success of this procurement. Each member of the Evaluation Team must attend a confidentiality presentation and sign a confidentiality statement. All members of the Evaluation Team must hold the bidders’ proposals in the strictest confidence and must not discuss the bidders’ proposals or any evaluation proceedings with anyone but the Evaluation Team members. All bidders’ proposals and evaluation team materials must remain onsite, unless explicitly authorized by DGS and the State Project Manager.

2. Evaluation Team

There are various staff resources and stakeholders involved in proposal evaluations. The Project Procurement Manager and/or Procurement Official train all project staff on their evaluation responsibilities at the start of the evaluation period or when the staff joins the Acquisition Team. Team meetings are used to brief staff on any changes to the process.  

2.1 Team Selection

The Evaluation Team selection involves members of the project team, sponsor and user organizations. The Project Procurement Manager facilitates a discussion with management and staff from each of the organizations to select the best candidates to assist with evaluation activities. The evaluation team members are selected based on their past experience with procurements, knowledge of the project, and specific subject matter knowledge and expertise. Staff availability and current workload are also considered to ensure the evaluators can be fully devoted to the evaluation process. Alternates should be identified in the event selected staff are unavailable as the evaluations progress.

The team is made up of representatives from the following organizations:

Project Acquisition Team

Sponsor/Program Staff

OSI Procurement Center

User Staff

Department of General Services (DGS) Staff

This section should describe how the evaluation team was selected. Indicate if the project requested certain subject matter experts, if the user areas nominated representatives, or if representatives volunteered. If specific selection criteria were developed to select team members, indicate what the criteria were and how they were applied. Indicate if team members are on-loan to the project (i.e., assigned to the project and salaries paid by the project), or if the team members are only borrowed for a short time. Indicate if all evaluation team members will be physically located at the evaluation site or if some representatives conduct their activities off-site (not generally recommended).

Generally, the sponsor and users should have at least one representative on the evaluation team. Frequently, the evaluation team is composed of several sub-teams which review portions of the proposal based on their expertise. For instance, a technical team may

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