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Office of Systems Integration

Evaluation and Selection Plan


Generally, the Evaluation Team consists of:

Acquisition Specialist (Non-scoring member)

Project Procurement Manager

Systems Engineering Lead/Manager

Implementation Lead/Manager

Quality Assurance Lead/Manager

Sponsor Representative (at least 2 – policy and program)

User Representatives

Other Subject Matter Experts, as needed

The Procurement Official and Legal staff are available as advisors, but generally are not considered primary reviewers. This is because they do not have enough program and project experience to know how well the bidder proposals address the users’ business need. DGS and Legal assist primarily in the area of procurement process and legal/contractual questions.

2.3 Team Responsibilities

Describe the specific roles and responsibilities for the proposal evaluation.

The following summarizes the responsibilities of the team members.

2.3.1 Procurement Official

Clearly indicate who serves as the Procurement Official. In a non-delegated procurement, it is usually the DGS Analyst assigned to the project. In a delegated procurement this may be the Acquisition Specialist.  The Procurement Official is the individual ultimately responsible for the procurement process and making the decision to select the vendor on behalf of the project.

The Department of General Services (DGS) Procurement Manager serves as the Procurement Official and has overall responsibility for the evaluation. The Official’s primary responsibilities include the following:

Ensuring the evaluation is conducted in accordance with applicable state laws, regulations and policies;

Ensuring the evaluation is conducted in accordance with the project’s documented evaluation procedures;

Serving as the single point of contact to bidders and stakeholders for questions regarding the procurement and evaluation process;

Maintaining the Master Copy of all proposals and the official procurement files;

Leading the evaluation and selection process and providing guidance to the Evaluation Team;

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