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Step 5: Say Goodbye To The Ones Who Didn't Open

After your entire campaign's been sent and you've given people a generous amount of time to respond, you may find that some of your subscribers didn't open or click a single thing.

Let's consider these subscribers. Their current state is inactive; their agenda: to ignore you. This certainly isn't the state of affairs you want.

But they've resisted your best efforts. And it doesn't do your business any good to email people who are choosing to ignore you.

So you're going to stop emailing them.

No, you don't have to. But yes, you certainly should. For two reasons:

1.They'll drag down your deliverability.

Email providers are tasked with making sure “real” email reaches the inboxes it's sent to and spam does not. To help with that, they use a system that detects how recipients respond to each sender's messages.

The more people ignore and delete your messages, the better chance the system won't recognize your emails as “real.” So sending to these decidedly inactive subscribers can hurt your emails chances of being delivered to subscribers who do want them.

2.They're (clearly) not that into you.

When someone sees your message in their inbox, you want them to have a positive reaction, even if they don't respond.

But if they're at the point where they haven't opened a message in several months and have resisted even your most engaging subject lines (especially if you've notified them their subscription will be stopped), you're probably getting quite a different reaction altogether.

So it's better to gracefully bow out than to cultivate the negative impression of someone who just won't leave them alone.

(And if they didn't see your emails because they're being filtered into a folder the subscriber never looks at and doesn't plan to, that's just a waste of resources.)


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