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IÕm getting heart palpitations.

ÒHeart palpitationsÓ are heart beats that are much stronger and quicker than usual, and that can be scary for those people who get them.

Jerry, Max is so history!

This is a very slangy way to say that the person being discussed is

no longer important and was only important in the distant past.

HeÕs a sweet boy. HeÕs fuzzy.

A ÒfuzzyÓ dog has lots of fur, usually made of fine particles or fibers.

The dogs and their owners head for Philadelphia, and Gerry and Cookie

have a particularly difficult time both getting there and afterward.

We feel a lot of excitement when the Mayflower dog show comes

through and we see a lot of familiar faces, canine and human alike.

If a show Òcomes throughÓ a town, it takes place there before moving on to other cities (though in this case it actually only happened in Philadelphia). ÒCanineÓ is the official adjective that means dog-like.

The key to welcoming animals into a hotel is to maintain a

certain level of hygiene and thatÕs what this room is about.

ÒTo maintainÓ is to preserve or keep in an existing state of quality. ÒHygieneÓ is an important word that refers to basic  cleanliness.

ÊWeÕre pretty well supplied here for any kind of contingency.

If a place is Òwell supplied,Ó it has plenty of the goods or products it is supposed to have. A ÒcontingencyÓ is any reasonably possible set of events that may happen in the future.

This is a good product that doesnÕt have a lot of odor, for your small

stains, small dogs, Pomeranian, tea-cup poodle, what have you.

A ÒstainÓ is a soiled, dirty or discolored spot, usually on clothes after you have spilled something on them. ÒWhat have youÓ is a colloquial way of ending a sentence when you want to say  Òwhatever other types I canÕt think of nowÓ (The Pomeranian and poodle are dog breeds).

Your bigger dog, your great Dane, your bull massif,

rottweiler, you need to up the ante a little bit.

ÒTo up the anteÓ is to invest or risk more (ItÕs an expression ÊÊÊÊÊ

that is used in poker, though here it is used to mean invest in ÊÊÊÊ

more powerful detergents for the type of bigger dogs listed above).

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