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For the big critters, the big stains, sometimes you

need the nuclear weaponry, the sodium hydrochloride.

A ÒcritterÓ is a funny word for an animal, and Òsodium ÊÊÊÊÊ hydrochlorideÓ is apparently a very powerful cleaner that can Ê

clean the poop (shit) of the worldÕs biggest dogs.

ÊRoasting a goat in the room, I still to this day donÕt understand.

ÒTo roastÓ meat is to cook it slowly over a fire

Getting the smell of the cumin and charcoal out of the

drapes was a chore on to itself. That was a big deal.

ÒCuminÓ is a type of spice and ÒcharcoalÓ are small pieces of ÊÊÊÊÊÊ

black coal that are used for barbecues. ÒDrapesÓ are curtains, a ÊÒchoreÓ is a task or small job that needs to be done. If something is Òa big deal,Ó it is either very important, or in this case, the cause of a lot of problems.

ÊA Parachuter.Ê :: DonÕt call that a doll; ItÕs an action figure.

A ÒparachuteÓ is a device that allows a person to jump from a ÊÊÊÊÊÊ

plane and float down slowly to the ground. An Òaction figureÓ is a masculine expression used by boys who donÕt want to admit that they actually own a lot of dolls.

ÊYou got that right!

A very slangy way of saying ÒI completely agree with you.Ó

ÊIÕm the chief hostage negotiator for the Akron and tri-county area.

The Òchief hostage negotiatorÓ for a city is the person responsible

for trying to convince kidnappers and terrorists to release or liberate the people that they are holding captive against their will. Akron is a major city in Ohio, and the Òtri-countryÓ area refers to the three counties that are in the Êgeneral Akron area (A County is a the largest political or  territorial division within a state).

I talk people down. Whenever theyÕre on a big tall building, they call me.

ÒTo talk a person downÓ is to clam them down, or in

this case, to try and prevent them from committing suicide.

ItÕs a little secret from the trade. They all jump.

A ÒtradeÓ is a word that refers to a general profession or area of business (In this case, the community of hostage negotiators).

Today we had a tough one. ThereÕs a guy, he jumps.

That doesnÕt bother me. It happens all the time.

If a situation is Òtough,Ó it is hard or difficult.

ÊHe hit a gargoyle on the way down.

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