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A fountain or statue on the side of a building

that is in the form of a disgusting human face.

ÊThe head pops off like a grapeÉand the body spins down like whirligig.

If something Òpops off,Ó it jumps loose from what was holding ÊÊÊÊÊÊ

it. A ÒwhirligigÓ is a small childÕs toy that spins around in a circle.

ÊEverything pops out; ItÕs like a pinanta.

The intestines, like theyÕre spring-loaded.

A ÒpinanataÓ is a Spanish word for a toy animal that is filled with candy that children try to break open with a stick at parties. ÒIntestinesÓ are the guts found in your stomach, and if something is Òspring-loaded,Ó it is wound tightly on a spring so that when it is released, it pops out or explodes with great force.

ÊI forgot to compliment you on your luscious melon breasts tonight.

If something is Òluscious,Ó it is delicious or even sexually ÊÊÊÊÊÊÊ attractive. A ÒmelonÓ is a type of large delicious fruit.

ÊWhat the hell are you talking about?

A common filler added to WH questions to

express anger, frustration or other emotion.

Please, this is what I do. IÕll gorge your left eye out with my thumb. I shit

you not, you freak! IÕm going to punch you in the eye Õtil it turns to jelly.

ÒTo gorge a personÕs eye outÓ is to violently remove it by scraping it out of itÕs socket! ÒI shit you notÓ is a ridiculous but fun way of saying ÒI am not lying.Ó A ÒfreakÓ is a completely strange or abnormal person (either physically or emotionally). Note that ÒuntilÓ----> ÒÕtilÓ in rapid speech.  ÒJellyÓ is a soft form of fruit preservative that moves or jiggles easily.

DonÕt challenge him! :: IÕll stab you with forks Õtil you bleed. How about that?

In this context, Òto challengeÓ a person is to  physically confront them and demand something be done. ÒHow about that?Ó is a way of asking what a person thinks of something.

How about the chubby lady? ThatÕs easier to say.

A good alternative to a bit overweight, plump or tubby.

The doormanÕs approximately cute. :: The Mediterranean type.

In this  grammatical context, ÒapproximatelyÓ is a totally ridiculous way of saying sort of. If a person is a ÒMediterranean type,Ó they look like a person from a country by the Mediterranean Sea.

IÕll say. You gotta trim their nose hair.

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