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ÒTo trimÓ a personÕs hair is to cut just a little bit of it off.

(Note that Òhave got toÓ-----> ÒgottaÓ in rapid speech.

We have you down for a queen.  :: What are you suggesting?

An interesting play on words; A ÒqueenÓ can refer to the size of a bed (or in a hotel, the rooms that have a queen-sized bed), and it can also be a slang word for a gay man!

A lot of them here in the lobby.

A ÒlobbyÓ is a large entrance area, hallway or waiting room.

ItÕs ShowTime, baby.

ÒShowTimeÓ is both the time when a show or game begins and a slangy word for any time that contains much excitement in front of an audience. For some people, ÒbabyÓ is a much used way of addressing certain people.

TheyÕre having spring rolls.

A popular Asian food that is usually made with vegetables

or meat that is put inside circular fried dough.

Butch? IsnÕt Butch a bitch?

A funny play on words; A ÒbitchÓ is both a mean

or abusive woman, and any female dog!

Rhapsody in White.

A truly stupid dog name (ÒRhapsodyÓ means great emotion).

WhatÕs with the little plumber-butt thing happening on the hip?

ÒPlumber-buttÓ is a silly and rare slang term to refer to those people who wear their pants so low that the crack of their butt shows (Note the use of the word thing, which is common but slangy and silly).

These pom poms are keeping ButchÕs hips warm from the cold water.

ÒPom pomsÓ are any colorful or fluffy balls, often used by cheerleaders who cheer on football teams from the side of a field.

And the drumette things? :: Those act as flippers.

A ÒdrumetteÓ is a small piece of chicken wing, and a ÒflipperÓ is a small flat board that is used for swimming (certain fish have flippers).

A super drive. Put a few clicks on the old odometer.

A ÒclickÓ is a slight noise, often made by the movement of a mechanical device. An ÒodometerÓ is the instrument in a car

that says how many miles it has driven.

It stayed overcast through Virginia.

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