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An important word to describe days when the sky is covered by clouds.

Just give it a rub. :: Yeah, check the strip.

A ÒrubÓ is a gentle stroking or touching, and the ÒstripÓ is a long, narrow piece of material (or here, the part of a credit card that gives information to the credit card machine).

Yeah, let me give them a ring.

A colloquial way of saying to telephone a person.

TheyÕre off our backs, but thisÉ

If an organization is Òoff your back,Ó they are no longer bothering you.

SheÕs not a forgetful person.

A good adjective for a person whoÕs always forgetting important things.

ThatÕs bull!

A short and less vulgar version of bullshit.

Both words mean lies, half-truths or nonsense.

YouÕd be refunded a substantial portion of that on check-out.

ÒTo be refundedÓ money is to be given it back after youÕve already paid it. A Òsubstantial portionÓ of something is a big percentage or part of it.

Butch has a light in her eyes that says itÕs ShowTime.

This is ChristyÕs ridiculous way of saying her

dog knows when the show is about to begin.

This party is our pre-show ritual for the Mayflower.

A ÒritualÓ is a ceremony or religious or social observance that

has often been done for generations (or at least a long time).

We just did the official toastÉand when the ice

sculpture melts all the way down, the partyÕs over.

A ÒtoastÓ is an official proposal or drink that is made in honor

of a person. An Òice sculptureÓ is a statue that is made of ice.

This year weÕre adding a new element to this

pre-show ritual---Sheri will do my makeup.

In this case, an ÒelementÓ is an ingredient or feature.

ÒMakeupÓ is another word for cosmetics (for a personÕs face).

SheÕs the epitome of glamour.

If a person is the ÒepitomeÓ of something, they are the perfect

example of it. ÒGlamourÓ is great beauty, grace  and style.

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