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WeÕll bring in a cot and make it a little comfy for you.

A ÒcotÓ is a portable bed made of thin fabric placed on a frame.

Two flights downÉitÕs a lobby bathroom.

A ÒflightÓ of stairs are the steps between two floors.

ItÕs stocked with paper towels and toilet tissue and so forth.

ÒAnd so forthÓ is one way of saying  Òand things like that.Ó

YouÕll be able to freshen up in there.

ÒTo freshen upÓ means to clean up or wash oneÕs face.

Just say Òutility closetÓ?

A Òutility closetÓ is a room, usually in a public building like a school

or hotel, that stores cleaning equipment and other types of tools.

IÕll alert the staff to your presence here.

ÒTo alertÓ a person of something is to warn or tell them.

The ÒstaffÓ of a hotel are the people who work there.

The charcoal one from Saks.

In this case, ÒcharcoalÓ is a brown color, and Saks is a famous

clothing and department store that is much loved by rich people.

ItÕs breathing now, but it will be hot down

there. And this Merlot looks good with the gray.

If clothes Òbreath,Ó this means they are airy and comfortable, though this is rarely used. ÒMerlotÓ is a type of red color, like red wine.

More gouda, honey?

A popular type of mild, fatty Dutch cheese.

Malcolm, whatÕs shaking?

A ridiculously slangy way to ask a person whatÕs happening or new.

I banged a lot of waitresses in my day, but you were the best by far.

A completely ridiculous slang word meaning

to have sex with, or more crudely, to fuck.

To see Butch here with the crown on. ItÕs so cute!

A ÒcrownÓ is a band or ornament for the head worn by a king,

or any grand prize for being the best at a particular sport or activity.

She winked at me! :: You little flirt.

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