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ÒTo winkÓ at a person is to shut one eye briefly as a sign of romantic interest or teasing. A ÒflirtÓ is a person who likes to show casual romantic interest in another person, usually in a playful manner.

ItÕs up to her. ItÕs in her hands.

If a job or project is Òup to you,Ó or Òin your hands,Ó you are

the one who is responsible for making sure that it is completed.

Some people think if youÕre on a small creek, on a

small body of water, you have to use a small fly.

A ÒcreekÓ is a small body of water like a stream. In a fishing context, a ÒflyÓ is a metal hook used to attract and trap fish, placed at the end of a fishing pole.

Many people think you have to go withÉmaybe an

egg-sucking leech, which IÕve never had any luck with myself.

A ÒleechÓ is a type of blood sucking worm, and

apparently one of many types of flys for fishing.

Stephan, this is my Òeuphemism

A ÒeuphemismÓ is a gentle or polite word used for a more direct word (such as pass away instead of die, or in the case of gay male couples, partner instead of boyfriend).

Six months working with leather and red thread.

ÒThreadÓ is the thin textile fiber that is used to sew clothes.

You must be very proud, Mary. :: Good baby-boomer gag!

A Òbaby-boomerÓ is an American born between about 1946 and 1964.

A ÒgagÓ is a joke or funny action (ÒProud MaryÓ is the name of a famous song from the 1960s).

Good heavens. :: Mr. hip.

ÒGood heavensÓ is a gentle way of expressing emotion such as surprise or fear. A ÒhipÓ person is fashionable, or more colloquially, cool.


A short and common way of saying ÒI got you.Ó

YouÕre quick enough on the draw. :: IÕll say.

If a person is Òquick on the draw,Ó they respond very quickly and usually very cleverly to what has just been said. ÒIÕll sayÓ is a way of saying ÒI completely agree.Ó

Thank you, Mr. handy man.

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