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A Òhandy manÓ is a person who is skilled at doing lots of practical things, like fixing the plumbing or electricity, or building furniture.

Did you eat the pate? Did he go poop?

ÒPateÓ is a type of duck liver that is popular in France.

ÒPoopÓ is a childÕs work for shit (when you go to the toilet).

The Mayflower Dog Show starts, and Meg and Hamilton

faces a horrible crisis as Beatrice loses her toy.

Live from the Bayman Center in PhiladelphiaÉ.

If a TV show is Òlive,Ó it is being broadcast at the

moment it actually happens, and not taped for later.

The city of brotherly love is aglow tonight!

3,000 dogs competing for best in show!

Philadelphia is known as Òthe city of brotherly love.Ó If something

is Òaglow,Ó it is shining or glowing with warmth and excitement.

Bushy coats and coats so silky they look like they were spun by a giant spider.

If an animal has a Òbushy coat,Ó it has a lot of warm fur. If something is Òsilky,Ó it is smooth and covered with fine soft hairs, like silk. Note that spiders ÒspinÓ their webs, and the past tense of this verb is spun.

They come to the Mayflower with their crates, their kibble and their cookies, and most importantly, the will to win that only a fellow dog can appreciate.

A ÒcrateÓ is an open box made with a wood frame, and ÒkibbleÓ is a type of finely cut grain for animals. ÒThe willÓ to do something is the desire or determination to do it. As an adjective ÒfellowÓ means a companion or member of the same group.

A book about basic obedience training for dogs. As you know, I have a franchise of schools around the country.  :: So this is right down your alley!

In this case, Òobedience trainingÓ is the act of teaching a dog to obey the commands of their owners. A ÒfranchiseÓ is an individually owned business that has the right to use the name of a larger business (such as McDonalds). If something is Òright down your alley,Ó it is something that you know well or have a lot of experience with.

It was all going well until they spilled hot

candle wax on my private parts.  IÕm just kidding.

ÒTo spillÓ a liquid is to accidentally  let it pour out of a container.

ÒPrivate partsÓ are a silly way of referring to a personÕs sex organs.

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