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SheÕs Miss America. :: Come on, IÕm trying to groom her.

ÒTo groomÓ a dog is to brush and clean it so it looks as good as possible.

SheÕs feeling cuffed. Feeling full of herself.

If a person (or dog) feels Òcuffed,Ó they feel restrained or held back, but this is rarely used. If a person feels Òfull of herself,Ó she feels extremely confident, like sheÕs the best (Dogs probably never really feel this way!).

SheÕs freaking out!

ÒTo freak outÓ is to become extremely nervous or

upset. A common, fun and useful phrasal verb.

You get the busy bee. I need to trim her whiskers.

Here, the Òbusy beeÓ is BeatriceÕs doll. ÒTo trimÓ is to cut hair slightly, and ÒwhiskersÓ are the hairs that grow near the mouths of an animal.

God, Hamilton, if she doesnÕt got her toy, sheÕs gonna flip out.

An alternative to freak out; To become very nervous or upset.

DonÕt look at the fat-ass losers or freaks! Look at me!

ÒFat-assÓ is a cruel and ridiculous adjective. A ÒfreakÓ is a good

word for an extremely strangle looking or unusual person.

The first category is the hound groupÉ. The hound

group can be divided into two groups---sight and scent.

A ÒcategoryÓ is a class or division within a

larger group. ÒScentÓ is the sense of smell.

She is really giving them a thorough

going-over.  Are all judges that thorough?

ÒThoroughÓ is a strong adjective meaning complete or total.

To give a dog a Ògoing-overÓ is to study or look at them very carefully.

ItÕs very important that all attributes are examined.

An ÒattributeÓ is a feature, quality or characteristic.

SheÕs just checking out the dogÕs testicular

area to make sure everythingÕs in tact.

ÒTesticularÓ is the adjective for testicles, or more colloquially, the dogÕs balls. If something is Òin tact,Ó it is in good shape and not damaged.

IÕd hate to go out on a date with Judge Edie Franklin and have her judge me.

ÒTo judgeÓ a person is to decide what you think of them.

WhatÕs the point of that? What are they looking for? ::

For the dogÕs gait and movement, to see the small angles.

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