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ÒWhatÕs the point of that?Ó is a direct way of asking ÒWhy are they doing that?Ó A dogÕs ÒgaitÓ is the way or style in which it walks.

ThatÕs a blood hound, isnÕtÕ it? :: I think this is a tremendous dog.

A powerful adjective meaning excellent or outstanding.

I think it may be a tad immature for this year. :: Try to get some play time in.

ÒTadÓ is a useful adverb meaning a bit, slight or just.

Just an idea off the top of my head; Why didnÕt he put on

one of those Sherlock Holmes hats and put a pipe in his mouth?

If you express an idea Òjust off the top of your head,Ó itÕs an idea you just thought of and havenÕt really thought about (The fictional detective Sherlock Holmes is famous for having a blood hound with a hat and pipe, but this is a completely silly thing to say at a dog show).

I think it would really get the crowd going.

ÒTo get a crowd goingÓ is to get them excited.

IÕd get a kick out of  it.

ÒTo get a kick out ofÓ something is to really enjoy it.

On a football team, which would be your wide

receiver and which would be your tight end?

Two positions in American football, and neither

likely to be played by any kind of dog!

Is there anything the handler of a dog can do now to sway the judges?

ÒTo swayÓ a judge is to influence them or try and change their opinion.

ThatÕs an upset. The rookie came through.

In sports, an ÒupsetÓ is when the player who most thought would lose actually wins. A ÒrookieÓ is a person who is playing for the first time. Here, Òto come throughÓ is to succeed or achieve what you wanted to.

You call yourself a maid!  I know people at the INS!

The Immigration and Naturalization Service, the federal government department which makes life miserable for many foreigners in the US.

They will come in a van and they will pick you up

and they will take you back to where you come from!

A ÒvanÓ is a type of large car that has lots of space

for transporting lots of people or equipment.

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