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YouÕre too agitated over a dog toy.

If a person is Òagitated,Ó they are very upset or disturbed.

What are you? Are you a wizard?! A genius?

A very wise or smart man, who is often skilled in magic.

I feel like I can say Òwhy donÕt we skip to the chase

here, and just give me the cup and IÕll be on my way.Ó

ÒTo skip to the chaseÓ is a colloquial way of saying to go directly to the action or event rather than wasting time preparing for it. In this context, a ÒcupÓ is the award or prize for having won a contest.

ThereÕs so many variables that I just canÕt control.

A ÒvariableÓ is anything that is not presently

known that may effect something in the future.

It was a little over the top. It looked freakish. So I took it off.

If something is Òover the top,Ó it is considered too extreme or strange.

If something is Òfreakish,Ó  it is very bizarre or odd, like a freak.

YouÕre going to have to just let this go, OK?

In this case, Òto let goÓ of something is to forget about

it or accept it, even if you really donÕt want to.

ItÕs time for the toys, and theyÕre well named. It looks

like every one of them could be wound up.

In the world of dog shows, ÒtoysÓ are various types of tiny dogs.

ÒTo wind upÓ a toy or watch (or dog!) is to turn a device forward

that will give it power (the past participle is wound up).

ItÕs wonderful, the character you see in these dogs.

Here, ÒcharacterÓ is used to mean moral excellence or perhaps honor.

TheyÕre crowd pleasers.

Anything that is very well liked by an audience.

HeÕs got his hands full.

ÒHe has a lot of responsibilities.Ó

He slobbers a lot. HeÕs a slobberpuss. :: HeÕs gorgeous.

If a dog (or person) Òslobbers,Ó they let flow a lot of saliva from their mouths (Slobberpuss is a nickname for a dog that slobbers a lot). If a person (or dog) is Ògorgeous,Ó they are very beautiful.

IÕd be hard pressed to pick a favorite in

this category. The Shi Tzu is a terrific dog.

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