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If you are Òhard pressedÓ to do something, itÕs difficult for you to do

it.  ÒTerrificÓ is an excellent alternative adjective to great or fantastic (Shi Tzus are tiny dogs the size of rats, and are certainly not terrific!).

You donÕt play around with that name.

It doesnÕt come trippingly off the tongue.

If something Òcomes off the tongueÓ easily, it is easy to pronounce

(ÒTrippingly,Ó as in to trip, is never really used as an adverb)

ÒStewardess, can I take a Shi Tzu on my

carry on or does it have to be stowed

A Òcarry onÓ piece of luggage is one that you can take on the plane.

ÒTo stowÓ luggage is to store it, usually in a large luggage container.

HeÕs known as a deliberate judge.

A rare adjective that means one who thinks slowly and carefully.

An interesting side note;  He trained to be a priest, was in the seminary.

A Òside noteÓ is a comment related to a person youÕre talking about,

but not related to the actual subject (In this case, the dog show). A ÒseminaryÓ is a school where people learn to become Catholic priests.

They are a playful bunch, arenÕt they?

A good word for a group.

No, the pom broke his gait. He might as well have taken a dump.

A ÒpomÓ is a any type of fluffy ball, and a dogÕs ÒgaitÓ is its way of walking. ÒTo take a dumpÓ is a crude but common way of saying to poop, shit, go to the toilet, or more clinically, to defecate.

I was amazed she finished out of the money.

If a dog finishes Òout of the money,Ó it was not even in the top three.

First in group. Best in show coming up! SheÕs

like group, schmoup, bring on the formal ware.

This is StefanÕs ridiculous way of saying the toy group competition is not important compared to the entire show competition (People will often rhyme one real word with a non-existent word to imply the real word is not important (Formal ware refers to expensive clothes).

Bath balm.

A type of healing ointment or soap that is used to relax.

ItÕs furry, and about this big. ItÕs a bumble bee with stripes on it.

If something is Òfurry,Ó it has lots of fine hair on it.

A ÒstripeÓ is a long narrow piece of cloth.

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