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ItÕs about this big and it squeaks in the middle.

If a toy Òsqueaks,Ó it makes a high sound like a bird.

The dog will respond to the stripes and itÕs

reminiscent of a bumble bee. :: ThatÕs a parrot.

ÒReminiscentÓ means similar to, or like. A

ÒparrotÓ is a type of bird that can sometimes talk.

Beatrice cracks under the pressure, but Miss Agnes, Winky, Rhapsody

in White and Hubert all move on to compete for Best in Show!

Could you find a happier, happy-to-know-you kind of attitude?

Note the use of Òhappy-to-know-youÓ as an adjective, showing that almost any words can be put together in order to become adjectival.

TheyÕre very frisky, very playfulÉand to

think in some countries, these dogs are eaten!

ÒFriskyÓ is an excellent adjective meaning  lively, energetic and playful.

The miniature schnauzer. How do they make them miniature?

A tiny type of dog (ÒMiniatureÓ means very small, or on a small scale, and to ÒminiaturizeÓ something means to greatly reduce it in size).

What the devil is going on? :: ItÕs breeding. They breed them small.

ÒThe devilÓ is a rare filler to WH questions that expresses emotion such as surprise or frustration (Òthe hellÓ is much more common).  ÒTo breedÓ animals is to arrange for them to reproduce sexually under controlled conditions.

Women bathing their dogs with the cutoff

jeans and the soap. Let your imagination run wild.

ÒCutoff jeansÓ are popular pants that are cut short. The second sentence is a common way of telling a person to imagine all the possibilities.

Get the Mayflower Kennel Club behind it and youÕll make a few bucks.

If an organizations Ògets behindÓ an idea or proposal, they agree to support it, often by giving money. A ÒbuckÓ is a very common slang word for a dollar.

ÒDoing it Doggy Style.Ó  You come up with that; IÕm not the literary guy.

ÒDoggy styleÓ is a sexual position in which a couple have sex the way dogs do. ÒTo come upÓ with an idea is to make or create it. ÒLiteraryÓ is an adjective that refers to books, articles or other types of writing.

ItÕs a rooster or something.

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