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A male adult bird or fowl, found on most farms.

DonÕt spit at me! ::  DonÕt yell at me!

ÒTo spitÓ at a person is to hurl saliva from your mouth

at them, and Òto yellÓ at a person is to scream at them.

IÕm just kidding the doctor; HeÕs not that kind of doctor.

Note that a person who has a Ph.D. degree is officially a doctor, though when people think of doctors, they usually think of medical doctors.

Mayflower combined with Philadelphia, no-brainer right?

An excellent slang expression for an idea that is so obviously correct that you donÕt really need to think about it (In reality, the Mayflower was the ship that landed with the pilgrims in 1620 in Massachusetts, nowhere near Philadelphia!)

Not so; it turns out that Columbus actually set foot

somewhere down in the West Indies. Little known fact.

Here, Òturns outÓ means unexpectedly happened (In fact, it is well known Columbus landed in the West Indies, in the Caribbean Sea).   

How does the name Mayflower get up to the Quaker City?

Philadelphia is sometimes known as this because there were many Quakers, who are from a small branch of Christianity that lived there.

These are the sporting dogs. These are the athletes.

These are the jocks of the dog world, wouldnÕt you say?

A ÒjockÓ is a common slang word for a good athlete.

IÕm sorry. WeÕre dismissing you.

ÒTo dismissÓ a person (or dog) from a show is to kick them out.

I guess sheÕs giving him the old heave-ho.

ÒTo give the old heave-hoÓ to somebody is to fire them

or physically get rid of them (ÒTo heaveÓ is to forcefully throw).

Just get away from me, you goddamn asshole!

A vulgar insult word like bastard, jerk, son of a bitch, creep, etc.

HeÕs still a champion, even though heÕs

sent off in disgrace. Like Shoeless Joe Jackson.

If a person is Òsent off in disgrace,Ó they are told to leave because they have done something that everyone thinks is shameful (Shoeless Joe Jackson is a famous baseball player who was caught trying to fix the 1919 baseball World Series in order to make money on gambling).

HeÕs out of the leagues, but we still talk about him today.

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