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A ÒleagueÓ is a group of teams in a sport.

IÕd like an extra large bucket of popcorn, half butter half salt.

A ÒbucketÓ is a container for anything from popcorn to nails.

I wouldnÕt normally just be out here pigging outÉbut thereÕs a lot at stake.

ÒTo pig outÓ is a slangy and common way of saying to eat a lot of food.

If there is a lot Òat stakeÓ in a situation, there is a lot at risk that could be won or lost.

My nervousness is rubbing off on Leslie.

If an emotion Òrubs offÓ on another person, they start to get it.

I feel like I need to really listen to my inner instinct.

A personÕs instinct is a natural talent, thought process or attitude

that theyÕre born with or that they develop subconsciously from experience (In psychology, some say that you have an inner child).

Oh God, look at the Keeshound. Is that hideous?

ÒHideousÓ is a powerful adjective meaning disgusting or horrible.

She looks like a cocktail waitress on an oil rig.

An Òoil rigÓ is the large machine that pumps oil out of the ground.

She tries to be so self-possessed, but look at the terror in her face.

If a person is Òself-possessed,Ó they are calm and confident.

ÒTerrorÓ is a state of intense fear or panic.

A highly respected judge often tends to go on personality.

If a judge Òtends to go onÓ personality, they consider it the most important feature (as opposed to, for example, looks or skill).

Look at her handler. That is one happy fella!

Note that ÒfellaÓ is a word for guy, not girl.

All right, Trevor Beckwith. It all comes down to this.

TheyÕre going for all the marbles. The best in show!

If a contest Òall comes down to this,Ó then the final outcome of the contest will be determined in these next few moments. ÒTo go for all the marblesÓ is a very slangy way of saying to try and win the entire thing (A marble is a small polished round ball).

ItÕs the bottom of the 9th inning. ItÕs the goal line stand.

In baseball, Òthe bottom of the 9th inningÓ is the end of the game, and

in American football, a Ògoal line standÓ is a desperate  attempt to block the offensive team from scoring just before the goal or end zone.

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