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After all the grooming, the petting, the kibbles,

the liver snaps. Your opinion, your feedback?

ÒKibblesÓ are a type of ground meal for animals, and

liver snaps are a type of dog snack flavored like liver.

The best of the best. The crme de la crme.

A French expression occasionally used in English which

means the best of the best (or literally, the cream of the cream).

IÕm as calm as a cucumber, OK?

A strange but still used expression which means very calm.

KnockÕ em dead!

A slangy way to tell a person in a game to go out and do their very best.

Oh no, your knee is all messed up.

If something is Òmessed up,Ó it is broken or in poor condition.

Can we get a medic?

A doctor or any person engaged in medical work.

You  have a concussion. YouÕre not making any sense.

A hard blow or injury to the brain that can effect thinking abilities.

Do you think they know the championshipÕs on the line?

If a championship or prize is Òon the line,Ó

it is being fought for at that very moment.

Look at that magnificent dog.

A powerful adjective meaning excellent or outstanding.

The bloodhoundÉ.is picking up the track of the pointer.

If one dog Òpicks up the trackÓ of another, itÕs smelling where

that other dog has been (A pointer is a type of dog).

And theyÕre strutting their stuff, too.

If a person (or dog) Òstruts their stuff,Ó they are walking around

in an overly confident manner, showing off their skills or looks.

Boy, this is thrilling. The bottom of the 9th and a pinch-hitter comes in.

If somethingÕs Òthrilling,Ó itÕs very exciting. In baseball, a Òpinch-hitterÓ is a player who hits for another, who has been taken out of the game.

Am I nutsÉor is something wrong with his feet?

ÒNutsÓ is a good slang word for crazy or insane.

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