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Go get him, pal. Man!

ÒPalÓ is another word for friend or buddy, and ÒmanÓ is often used as a filler word to express excitement or other emotion (All of this is BuckÕs way of encouraging Gerry to go out and do his best despite his left feet).

Scott is prancing along with that dog, and look at that outfit.

ÒTo prance alongÓ is to walk with great energy or spirit. An ÒoutfitÓ is a set of clothes (for example, pants and shirt) that are often worn for a particular occasion, such as a party.

This may be a little off the path; How much

weight do you think I can bench-press?

In this case, if something is Òoff the path,Ó it has nothing to do with what was just being discussed. To Òbench-pressÓ is to lift metal weights up above your chest, as an exercise for muscle-building.

315 pounds. I was in top shape.

If a person is in Òtop shape,Ó they are in excellent physical condition.

WeÕre all set to go here. Oh boy, oh boy!

If you are Òall set to go,Ó you are ready to start. ÒOh boyÓ is a

common way of expressing excitement or other emotion.

This is like the World Series. You got the best umpires out there.

The ÒWorld SeriesÓ is the championship games of professional baseball. ÒUmpiresÓ are officials who rule on plays in baseball.

Can a dog win it or lose it in this last round, or has

the judge made up his mind? Oh good heavens, no.

In a contest or sport, a ÒroundÓ is a specific division or unit of action.

ÒGood heavensÓ is an interesting way of expressing surprise.

ItÕs apples and oranges. Different breeds.

If two things being compared are Òapples and oranges,Ó they are not really comparable because they are completely different types of things.

ItÕs a gut reaction on some level.

A Ògut reactionÓ is usually an emotional or intuitive response to something, before the person has time to think about it logically

(A personÕs ÒgutsÓ are the intestines in their stomach). ÒOn some levelÓ means in a certain way.

These are all superb animals. :: Very subjective, then.

If an animal is Òsuperb,Ó it is excellent or outstanding.

If a thought is Òsubjective,Ó it is a personal opinion (rather

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