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than an objective fact that all can would agree is true).

ItÕs a very difficult task to pick?

A small job or responsibility that needs to be done.

Does money ever exchange hands under the table? :: Good lord, no.

If something is done Òunder the table,Ó it is illegal or immoral and done in secret. ÒGood lordÓ is a way of expressing surprise or shock.

I donÕt want you to stick your neck out.

If a person Òsticks their neck out,Ó they do something that is

very risky (in this case, admitting there is cheating at the show).

I donÕt think I could ever get used to being probed and prodded.

If an animal (or person) is Òprobed and prodded,Ó they are physically examined, usually with fingers or devices that poke, in order to feel all parts of the body. Not pleasant.

I told my proctologist once, ÒWhy donÕt you

take me out to dinner and a movie sometime?Ó

A doctor who treats diseases of the anus (asshole) and colon.

Do they all bark the same? :: Different dogs

have different intonations and tones.

A ÒbarkÓ is the sound that dogs make. An ÒintonationÓ is the manner of speech that suggests emotion, and ÒtonesÓ are sound qualities that are measured by whether the sound is rising or falling.

The countries and the boundaries donÕt make any difference?

A ÒboundaryÓ is another word for border.

They donÕt do the basic, sit up, roll over, fetch, heel.

If a dog ÒfetchesÓ a paper, it goes and brings it back

to its owner. When a dog Òheels,Ó it stops and sits.

Are you just judging by how well a dog is groomed?

ÒTo groomÓ a dog is to brush and clean it

to make it look as pretty as possible.

These dogs are pampered and petted and all in top physical condition.

ÒTo pamperÓ an animal (or person) is to

spoil them or treat them with excessive care.

This is the prime. You wonÕt see finer specimens than these seven dogs.

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