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ÒPrimeÓ is an official word for best quality. In this case, ÒfineÓ means excellent, and a ÒspecimenÓ is an example of a particular group or division of animals or plants.

I wouldnÕt want to be in his shoes.

A common expression; ÒI wouldnÕt want to be in his situation.Ó

Look at the size of that! IÕve taken sponge baths in smaller bowels!

A Òsponge bathÓ is a bath taken with a sponge, which is the

material often used to clean dishes that absorbs water easily.

This really is the defining moment of the competition.

The Òdefining momentÓ of a show or competition is the most critical or important moment, usually because it leads to the final result.

The winners and losers reflect back on the most important

event in their very strange and varied lives.

We were big! Everything just broke loose like a cannon.

In this case, to Òbreak looseÓ means to happen very quickly, or in a dramatic fashion. A ÒcannonÓ is a large heavy gun that fires explosives.


The sound of a barking dog.

Does this ring a bell? ÒIÕm not wearing underwear!Ó

If something Òrings a bell,Ó it sounds familiar.

Bulge?! Get out of town!

A completely ridiculous and slangy

way to express disbelief or great surprise.

YouÕve grown! :: IÕm growing right now, just looking at you.

A silly play on words; Both a person and a penis can grow bigger.

That is the one and only time IÕve ever done it in a roller coaster.

The scary rides at amusement parks in which carts holding

people travel extremely quickly up and down steel tracks.

We didnÕt win at Mayflower, which is surreal and extremely disturbing.

If something was Òsurreal,Ó it is so strange that it doesnÕt seem like

it really happened. If something is Òdisturbing,Ó it is upsetting.

It was devastating. But the silver lining of this cloud, of course,

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