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is that it brought us to a new level in our relationship.

ÒDevastatingÓ is a powerful adjective that means completely destructive or causing total chaos or harm. ÒThe silver lining of a cloudÓ refers to the good that could result from something that at first appears all negative. If a relationship reaches Òa new level,Ó it probably means the couple have become closer or more intimate.

American Bitch: The dog magazine for lesbians and their dogs.

Remember, a ÒbitchÓ is both a vulgar word for a mean or abusive woman and any female dog. Regardless, this is a truly stupid name for a magazine. A ÒlesbianÓ is a female homosexual.

It focuses on the issues of the lesbian pure breed dog owner.

ÒTo focusÓ on an issue or topic is to concentrate on it. If a dog is

Òpure breed,Ó it is 100% of a single type or breed, such as pure poodle

(A dog that is a mixed breed is called a mutt).

WeÕre on our third issue.

An ÒissueÓ of a magazine is a copy or edition for a specific date.

Sherri Ann is the inspiration and I do the grunt work, the details.

ÒInspirationÓ is anything that emotionally moves or encourages people to take a specific action. ÒGrunt workÓ refers to the small details and physical tasks of a project that few people ever notice are being done.

SheÕs  generous. SheÕs sweet. :: And vice versa.

A Latin expression that means in the opposite order

(though here Sherri is not using the phrase correctly).

As it turns out, sheÕs dynamite in the sack. :: Likewise, IÕm sure.

ÒAs it turns outÓ basically means ÒAlthough it was unexpectedÉÓ

If a person is Òdynamite in the sack,Ó they are sexually talented.

ÒLikewiseÓ is SherriÕs awkward way of saying Òyou, too.Ó

After the dog show, I was on an El AL flight to Haifa

faster than a walnut could roll off a hen house roof.

El Al is the national airline of Israel. A Òhen houseÓ is a small shed

for chickens. This is HarlanÕs typically ridiculous way of speaking.

I spent about three weeks on a kibbutz just mellowing out.

A ÒkibbutzÓ is a type of small farming community in Israel.

ÒTo mellow outÓ is a very slangy way of saying to relax and do nothing.

IÕve been working pretty hard mastering the

art of ventriloquism, which is an ancient art.

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