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ÒTo masterÓ a skill is to become an expert at it. ÒVentriloquismÓ is the art of giving voice to puppets without ever moving your own lips.

I enjoy being able to put people in another dimension, so to speak.

ÒDimensionÓ is a general word for a point in time and space, and Òso to speakÓ is a way of admitting that the words just chosen are a bit strange or not clear (This is HarlanÕs way of saying he likes to make people think they are in a different or magical place).

I only have five hours  :: Hold your horses!

A fascinating expression that simply means be patient or slow down!

If we could give the money to Shi Tzu rescue.  :: They have plenty of money.

Note that many dog breeds have organizations that are dedicated to saving (rescuing) them from life on the streets. ÒPlentyÓ means a lot.

What Shi Tzu is straggling along the street with an old

coat saying ÒAlms for the poor?Ó like the little match girl?

ÒTo straggle alongÓ is to move slowly with little energy.

ÒAlmsÓ is an old word for charity or money for the needy.

Our sex life is finally back on track.

If something is Òback on track,Ó it is working normally

again after having been damaged or broken.

Talk about a winner!

A colloquial way of emphasizing how obvious something is.

What we went through, huh? It was horrible!

ÒTo go throughÓ a horrible time is to experience it and survive it.

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