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We pick out the pattern for you.

ÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊ A key word that refers to a model or form

of the way something should be made or designed.


ÊThe bloodhound, of all the breeds, is just such a noble, loyal, perfect dog.

ÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊ In this context, a ÒnobleÓ dog is one that has excellent

behavior and perhaps even high moral values.


If there was some kind of convict loose,

God forbid, heÕd be the one to find them.

A convict is person convicted of a crime who lives in prison. ÒGod forbidÓ is an interesting way of expressing the desire that it would be horrible if something happened (In this case, if a convict escaped).


We got all fresh cuts today. Top loin, T-bone, blade, tri Ðtip, chuck.

ÒFresh cutsÓ of meat are those that were cut or chopped in the last

few hours. The second sentence refers to various types of beef sold

at butcher shops.


I donÕt want to pull the membranes.

ÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊ A ÒmembraneÓ is a thin soft layer of material

that covers various parts of an animal or plant.


ÊGet one of those pepperoni sticks; I just want to hold it.

ÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊ A long piece of a type of popular pork that is shaped like a hard penis.


I saw Nibs here having his way with a Bozoi. Just totally

around that ring like he was born to it, and he was.

If you Òhave your wayÓ with another person, you are able to force them to do whatever you want, or more generally, to dominate them. A ÒBozoiÓ is a type of small dog. The second sentence is ScottÕs way of saying that Nibs acted like a natural champion whenever he walked around the ring or stage of the dog show.


Ê IÕve never seen anyone as light on his feet. :: Light in his loafers.

If a person is Òlight on their feet,Ó they move quickly and with little effort.  ÒLoafersÓ are a type of soft shoe that are often worn indoors.


He and the Borzoi seemed to have the same

prance, like two members of the same body.

ÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊ A ÒpranceÓ is a way of walking with great spirit or energy.


ÊI know a guy who had two members of the same body. :: In your dreams!

A silly play on words; A ÒmemberÓ can be either an individual who is part of a particular group, or in some cases, another word for penis.

ÒIn your dreams!Ó is a way of telling a person that what they are hoping for is not realistic.

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