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At that time, I was, like, wild man on campus.

In this context, a Òwild man on campusÓ is the student who is considered the craziest living on a college campus, often because he is trying to have sex with as many people as possible.


ÊClub scene, Mr. club scene here.

ÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊ A slangy way of referring to a person who

loves to spend lots of time in night clubs.


Ê What a thrill! Really, donÕt knock it until youÕve tried it!

A ÒthrillÓ describes anything that causes a sudden feeling of great excitement.Ó  ÒDonÕt knock it Ó is an excellent colloquial expression which means  ÒdonÕt criticize it.Ó


Ê We like the same stuff.

ÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊ A critical word that refers to things in general.


ItÕs the All-American love story. Writ large.

An old expression which literally means written large, and that generally refers to anything portrayed in a large or dramatic fashion.


On the marquee, big letters; "Us."

A permanent canopy or sign, often of metal and

ÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊ glass hung over an entrance to a hotel or theatre.


Ê I mean, he still pushes all my buttons.

ÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊ If a person Òpushes your buttons,Ó they easily irritate or upset you

ÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊ (though if said in a positive tone, it can mean to sexually excite!).

We could talk, or not talk forever, and still find things to not talk about.

An amazing description of the marriage between two people who

have absolutely nothing in common or nothing to say to each other!

I like to come up here and enjoy what I call

the solitude of what I call a blank canvas.

ÒSolitudeÓ is the state of being alone, usually in peace and quiet.

A Òblank canvasÓ is an all white or empty board before a painter

begins to put paint on it.

This center will be packed with people. And the roar of the crowd,

the energy that this building will exude will be phenomenal.

If a place  is Òpacked withÓ people, it is completely filled with them so that there is no empty space left. The ÒroarÓ of a crowd is the loud sound of excitement (A lion roars). ÒTo exudeÓ noise or odor is to ooze out or to cause to let flow out slowly. If something is Òphenomenal,Ó it is absolutely amazing, incredible or

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