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LetÕs face it; Some people have a long drive home.

ÒLetÕs face itÓ is a way of saying that you have to

accept unpleasant but true facts about a situation.

Beatrice made a pee pee  on your sheets and a poopie in your slipper.

Two childrenÕs words, the first meaning piss

or urine, and the second shit or pooh.

I was drinking cappuccinos. Then I went to lattes,

and then now, a double expresso mocchiano.

Italian names for types of coffee that are popular at Starbucks cafes.

IÕm a big chai-tea-latte soy milk kind of guy.  :: YouÕre lactose-intolerant now.

Chai tea, lattes and soy milk are all trendy drinks served at Starbucks

(Note they all function as a long adjective in the sentence above!)

And I had my Mac, and then I look over and sheÕs reading J. Crew.

A ÒMacÓ refers to an Apple Macintosh computer, and J. Crew

is a well-known brand of clothes sold through a catalog (booklet).

ThatÕs so weird, because I was such a huge  J. Crew person then, too.

ÒWeirdÓ means bizarre or strange, and ÒhugeÓ is extremely big

(Note in the grammar above, J. Crew functions as an adjective).

WeÕd bring out our L.L. Bean catalog and IÕd say ÒWhatÕs new?Ó

Another brand of clothes sold through a catalog (These clothing catalogs are popular with young professionals with lots of money)

You donÕt have to deal with people as much.

ÒTo deal withÓ people is to accept, handle or do business with them.

The dog isnÕt going to talk, but his mind is like a telepathy.

ÒTelepathyÓ is the act of being able to know what people are thinking even when they are not talking (But note, it is not a count noun!).

The judge can pick up on the telepathyÉand

will sometimes give him the blue ribbon.

The blue ribbon is grand prize in the dog show.

The tension builds as the owners prepare for the Mayflower Dog Show.

What are you going to see when you get to Philly?

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