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A short slangy way of referring to the city of Philadelphia.

WeÕre going to see everything. The Liberty Bell.

The place where they make the cream cheese.

The Liberty Bell is a very famous and historic bell that dates back to the 18th century. ÒCream cheeseÓ is a type of food that you spread on toast and muffins, and Philadelphia brand cream cheese is the best known.

WeÕll cross our fingers for you.

If you Òcross your fingers,Ó you are hoping that

something good will happen or work out well.

Jealous?! :: How many years ago did he poke me?

ÒTo pokeÓ a person is to gently stab, prod or jab them, often with a finger. Here, though, Cookie is using it as a completely silly verb meaning to have sex with, or more bluntly, to fuck.

I have to say that I wanted the best handler and I get what I want.

A dog ÒhandlerÓ is the person that trains

them to behave well in the dog shows.

It was just a kennel until Sherri Ann and Leslie showed up, and their generosity has turned this humble little kennelÉ :: It was a shit box.

A ÒkennelÓ is a house or shelter for dogs or cats. If something is Òhumble,Ó it is simple and not fancy (If a person is humble, they are modest). If something is a Òshit box,Ó it is small, poor, or in horrible shape. Vulgar, but useful.

They have turned this place into a cutting edge, state of

the art kennel facility, and IÕm just so grateful to them.

If a business or technology is Òcutting edgeÓ or Òstate of the art,Ó it is considered the most modern or advanced that exists. A ÒfacilityÓ is a building that houses a particular organization such as a school or clinic.  

We had a little bit of a family dynamic going

here and it mirrors what I grew up with.

A Òfamily dynamicÓ is a colloquial way of referring to the tensions

and complex relationships that exist within a family. If something ÒmirrorsÓ a situation, it reflects, shows or reveals it, like a mirror.

My father was the taskmaster, the disciplinarian,

which is what I do. IÕm the mommy slash daddy.

A ÒtaskmasterÓ is a person who assigns tasks, duties or obligations to others, and a ÒdisciplinarianÓ is a person who makes sure that people act correctly and get done what they need to. In this case, ÒslashÓ means and, though it refers to the slanted line in----------> Mommy/Daddy.

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