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Mr. Punishment. :: Well, I also reward. But

Sheri is responsible for the unconditional love.

ÒMr. PunishmentÓ refers to a person who punishes or penalizes a person (or dog)

The decorative abilities. :: Exactly, the heart

and the soul, which is what my mother did.

ÒDecorativeÓ is a rare adjective that refers to decorating, or the presentation of a house. A personÕs ÒsoulÓ is the non-physical part of them that is supposed to live on after they die.

Thanks for checking in on the house.

ÒTo check in onÓ a place is to stop inside to verify that it is

in good condition or that it is not being harmed or damaged.

Bring home the blue ribbon!

The first prize in most dog shows.

I think IÕm all set, fellas.

In this context, if a person is Òset,Ó they are ready.

ÒFellasÓ is another way of saying guys.

You go up there and put some hurt on them Yankee dogs.

ÒYankeeÓ is a widely used word in the Southern states of the US to refer to people from Northern States (The above sentence is very slangy and in fact Òput some hurtÓ is rarely if ever used).

Bon Voyage, Hubert.

A common French expression used in

English to wish a person a happy vacation.

You the dog! If you get tired, pull over!

A very slangy (and ungrammatical) expression from the 90s was ÒYou the man,Ó meaning approximately, ÒYou are the most important person.Ó The first sentence is a ridiculous variation. ÒTo pull overÓ a car is to stop it on the side of a road, often after the police force you to!

You can call it a little superstition on my part, but I

always like to put up the official curtain, so to speak.

A ÒsuperstitionÓ is a belief in magic, chance or some other unexplained phenomenon with no physical evidence. ÒSo to speakÓ is a way of ending sentences when you want an alternative to the choice of words you just used.

Really spread the arms, guys, so it doesnÕt get dirty.

ÒTo spreadÓ your arms is to stretch them as far apart as possible.

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