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WeÕll make sure everyone has the proper armbands since identifying

the dog with the handler is very important, of course.

ÒProperÓ is a useful adjective meaning appropriate or correct. An ÒarmbandÓ is a cloth band worn around the upper part of the sleeve that is often used to identify a person.

All that anxiety and chaos happens behind the curtains.

ÒAnxietyÓ is an excellent word for tension, great nervousness or stress.

ÒChaosÓ is a complete lack of order, or a state of total confusion.

YouÕve already packed six kimonos.

A type of dress worn in Japan.

That used to drive my mother crazy. My Mother used

to say ÒHarlan Pepper, if you donÕt stop naming nutsÉÓ

ÒTo drive a person crazyÓ is to make then crazy or insane.

Macadamia nut.  ThatÕs the one that would

send herÉgoing crazy. Red pistachio nut.

Two different types of nuts (Harlan is from the city of Pine Nut).

What did you do? Did you provoke her? Did you pinch her?

ÒTo provokeÓ a person is to intentionally make them angry, often by saying something offensive. ÒTo pinchÓ a person is to squeeze a part of their body between your thumb and finger.

You just get walking buddy, right now.

A common alternative to friend or pal.

IÕll file a personal assault charge against you so fast your head will spin.

In law, if you file a Òpersonal assault chargeÓ against somebody, you are officially accusing them of having physically attacked or threatened you. ÒTo spinÓ is to move around in circles (and thus if youÕre head is spinning, you are probably completely confused or stunned).

Put a muzzle on that thing!

A ÒmuzzleÓ is a device that is put on the mouth of a dog to prevent

it from biting (It can also be put on the mouths of certain politicians).

Oh my God, what a dump!

A widely used colloquial word for an apartment, house or other building that is in extremely poor shape, or perhaps just dirty or filthy.

If you live in skid rowÉ

The poorest street in many cities, where the homeless often live.

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