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From San Diego, CACAPON departed on 7 October 1948 for Pearl Harbor with 100 marines as passengers and a deck load of kerosene in drums. After off-loading her passengers and deck cargo, she left Pearl on 16 October and set course for Guam. During her four day stay at Guam, she off-loaded oil, conducted training exercises and loaded gasoline for Manila, leaving Guam on October 31st and arriving in Manila on November 4th.  Two days later she once more was on her way to the Persian Gulf.

With another full cargo of "black gold", CACAPON pulled out of the Persian Gulf, after a 48 hour stay at Bahrein, on 22 November and after threading her way through Malacca and Singapore, headed for Tsingtao, China for a two day stay, thence to Okinawa and to Yokohama for a one day stay in each port, and finally arrived at Yokosuka on December 23rd where she was given a ten day restricted availability.

IX - "The Year 1949"

It was at the fuel pier at Azuma Island, Yokosuka Harbor, Japan, that CACAPON greeted the year 1949, On January 3rd, she set sail for Okinawa from whence after a six day stay she set out on 6 January once more along the by-now-familiar route to the Persian Gulf, stopping for two days at Colombo, Ceylon while enroute. Leaving Bahrein on the last day of January, she proceeded, via Singapore, to Nagasaki, Japan where she off-loaded her oil. Then followed a trip to Yokosuka for a short availability and a five day training period before she took on a load of oil for delivery to Okinawa arriving there on March 17th.

All hands were jubilant when the ship got underway the next day, for orders had been received to return to Long Beach for thirty days of "leave and upkeep". She was five days out of Okinawa when orders were received diverting her to Guam, Kwajalein, and San Francisco. The first two diversion stops were happily very briefless than twenty four hours each and no one objected seriously to a three day stop in San Francisco, under whose Golden Gate bridge she passed on 16 April.  She departed for San Francisco on 19 April and arrived at Long Beach the next day to commence the much anticipated thirty day leave period.

For the CACAPON the days of seemingly continuous world travel had come to an end for a time.  On completion of her rest period at her home port of Long Beach, she proceeded on 19 May to the training operating area off San Diego, and thereafter until the end of the year all of her operations were conducted close to home, as she operated in the area in the vicinity of San Diego and Long Beach.

On 1 July 1949, Captain Royal L. Rutter, USN, relieved Captain John F, Henkel, USN, as Commanding Officer.  During the months of October and November 1949, the CACAPON was assigned to duty with the Underway Training Command.  She returned to Long Beach on December 2nd. During the next two months, leave, liberty and recreation were equitably granted, while routine maintenance and minor overhaul was in progress.

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