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northern part of the coast of Korea abated any.  It was, therefore, a welcome relief for the CACAPON to commence her turn as logistic support oiler for the Formosa Patrol Force on 11 February.

During the six and a half week period 11 February to 28 March, the CACAPON served with the Formosa Patrol Force, for her second tour in those waters since the outbreak of the Korean War.  On completion of duty in Formosan waters, the CACAPON made a four day visit to Hong Kong for "rest and recreation" before returning again to the Korean area.  On March 29th, for persons interested in statistics, during the six runs from her advance base to the combat zone on her fourth Korean tour, CACAPON replenished 215 ships, during which she delivered more than 340,000 barrels (14,280,000 gallons) of oil, and more than 1,900,000 gallons of gasoline. While serving with the Formosa Patrol she delivered another 33,500 barrels of oil, and, in consolidations with other oilers, an additional 20,000 barrels, bringing the total amount .of oil delivered during this tour to nearly 395,000 barrels (over 16,500,000 gallons).

In operations in both the Korean theater and the Formosa area, the "additional services" of U.S.S. CACAPON included transfers to and from other ships of: more than 1,000 passengers; nearly 6,000 bags of mail; some 35 tons of freight; over 1,200 movies; over 400 cylinders of compressed gasses; nearly 300 drums of  lubricating oils.

During her current tour in the Korean theater, U.S.S. CACAPON established her eligibility for the latest engagement star authorized to be worn on the Korean Ribbon.  Thus, the CACAPON, in her four tours in the combat zone, has become eligible for eight of the total of nine engagement stars authorized since the start of the Korean hostilities.

On completion of her final run on the "replenishment line", the CACAPON visited Yokosuka,  Japan arriving on 11 May for a nine day recreation period, from whence she departed on 20 May for her home port of  Long Beach, California..

Enroute home, she stopped at Pearl Harbor for a three day stay, which, on Memorial Day, with all hands in white uniforms, Rear Admiral Burton B, Biggs, USN, Commander Service Force, U.S. Pacific Fleet, on behalf of Commander SEVENTH Fleet,, presented the Commenda­tion Ribbon with Combat Distinguishing Device to Commander Alfred D. Kilmartin, USN, the Commanding Officer for his performance of duty during the two tours in which he had commanded the ship in the Korean Theater.

Leaving Pearl Harbor on 1 June, the ship arrived in Long Beach in the afternoon of  7 June where she was once again very warmly greet­ed by a host of waiting families and friends.

After a tough nine months tour of duty amid high seas and strange peoples, the crew lost no time in taking advantage of all available home


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