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On 6 March, the CACAPON departed for De Lamba Bay, French Indo China, to service ships engaged in the historic operation "Passage to Freedom".  On return to Subic Bay on 15 March, Captain McCann whose TAD had terminated, was relieved as Commanding Officer by Commander F.M. Eddy, USN.  On the same day, the CACAPON steamed from Subic Bay to assume duties as station tanker in support of the Taiwan Patrol in Kaohsiung, where she remained till 10 April. After the standard week of rest and recreation in Hong Kong, the CACAPON arrived in Sasebo on 21 April, On 8 May, the CACAPON left Sasebo to participate in fleet operations off Okinawa. This assignment lasted for the next eleven days, and although not quite as demanding as the evacuation of the Tachens, pre­sented a formidable challenge. The result was that 51 ships »ere success­fully replenished with 91,427 barrels of NSFO, 13,000 barrels of avia­tion gasoline, and 3,500 barrels of HEAF.  The ship returned to Sasebo on 20 May.

On 29 June, the CACAPON left Sasebo enroute Long Beach on what appeared to be her last trip. The ship had received her orders to report to Pacific Reserve Fleet for inactivation on 15 September.  After arrival on 19 July, all departments were hard at work balanc­ing accounts and sending out required reports in an endeavor to have the ship administratively ready for decommissioning on assigned date. The CACAPON was operating with a minimum allowance and quite ready for the transition. However, one day prior to reporting to Pacific Reserve Fleet, the CACAPON received a message from CNO canceling inactivation orders and directing her to embark for WestPac on 27 October. This volte-face was evidently caused by the fact that the new super tankers that had been sent out to replace workhorses like the CACAPON failed to approach expected performance.

With a new lease on life, the CACAPON reloaded and set out for WestPac.  For the next two months she serviced the fleet from Sasebo and Yokosuka. She spent Christmas Day in the former port, and on 26 December was underway for Kaohsiung. The CACAPON welcomed the New Year snugly moored between Buoys Number 1 and 2.

XVI - "The Year 1956                /

The CACAPON remained in Kaohsiung until 1 February, efficiently supporting the Taiwan Patrol Force, and tirelessly drinking up the seemingly inexhaustible supply of local tea. The routine week of rest and recreation in Hong Kong followed, and by 9 February, she was once again underway, this time, heading for Sasebo. While refuel­ing several destroyers enroute, Commander Destroyer Squadron 13 was carefully highlined to the CACAPON from the U.S.S. BLUE (DD-774), and satisfied with the efficiency of the operation from this other end of the line, he was returned to his flagship without incident.

In Sasebo, the CACAPON moored just long enough to refurbish her dwindling stock of fuel, and then steamed out in company with Task Group 73.3 for her rendezvous with various units of Task Force 77.

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