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On the international relations side, the furtherance of Sino- American friendship was promoted by the visit of General Pang and the Mayor of Kaohsiung on 7 May, which was followed by almost daily visits of large groups of Chinese Boy and Girl Scouts whose salutes to the quarterdeck and innocent appreciation shall be remembered by all hands for a long time to come.  Operationally, the CACAPON met her commit­ments to the Taiwan Patrol, and also cooperated on a number of occas­ions in providing services to the Republic of China Navy for underway refueling training.

On the morning of 24 May, with the various friends of the ship tearfully waving from the beach, the CACAPON set her course for Hong Kong. While enroute, she refueled DesDiv 251 on 26 May, and utiliz­ing the new "Squirt" method initiated by Captain Solenberger, she set a transfer rate record for AO's by pumping at rate of 4,184 barrels pen hour to one of the destroyers.  As of this writing one year later, this record still stands, and the "Squirt" method has become widely recognized as an efficient and speedy means of pumping fuel.

At Hong Kong, the ship was met by the Queen's Officer of the Guard, and Mary Sou's side cleaners, whose efficiency was impaired by inclement weather.

With empty pockets and full lockers, the men of the CACAPON left Hong Kong on 2 June for Sasebo. The ship refueled Destroyer Division 152, the YORKTOWN and the WORCHESTER before mooring along­side the fuel docks in Sasebo, departing again on 10 June for a  rendezvous with Task Group 70.4.  At the completion of this mission, operational control was changed to Commander SEVENTH Fleet for "Operation True Blue", which shall remain memorialized by the seem­ingly endless steaming around Point Golf.  On 22 June, the CACAPON arrived in Yokosuka where additional AvGas was loaded.  Several days later, it proved to be much more difficult to off-load this AvGas, as was necessary prior to departure for Sydney, than it was to load it. The situation was resolved in the last minutes by transferring it all to a number of other AO’s and to the fuel dock in Sasebo, from where this ship finally departed for CONUS via Sydney and Auckland, with a "well done" and a "sayonara" from Commander Service Squadron THREE.

On the trip "down under", the CACAPON was honored on 10 July by a visit from Davey Jones, which culminated the next day with the arrival of Neptunus Rex and his colorful retinue who lost no time in getting down to the grim business of initiating the slimy pollywogs and transforming them into salty shellbacks.

On 16 July, "the Yanks arrived in Sydney with a bump and a groan" to quote the local press headline, and moored alongside the Wooloomooloo Pier. After six days rest and recreation, the ship left for Auckland, arriving in the land of the "Kiwi Birds" on" the 26th, and having de­livered her fuel, departed for CONUS two days later.

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